Chapterwise science notes for class 10 students. You Can also downloads notes in PDF. Complete chapter wise science notes for students. These are best available notes for class 10 students.

Science notes are based on ncert book and covers all important topics and important points.

Our notes are easy to understand and topic wise. We have also given image where ever required to make our notes easily understandable. We are soon going to upload our video lectures for ever chapters.

Other than science notes we have also class 10 sst notes.

class 10 science notes ncert

As you know ncert book is a best book and it is most important book for students. Keeping that in mind we have made our notes based on the ncert book. Famous Indian educational boards like cbse also recommend this book.

class 10 science notes
class 10 science notes are based on ncert book

Chapter 1. Chemical Reactions and


Chapter 2. Acids Bases and Salts

Chapter 3. Metals and Non-metals

Chapter 4. Carbon and its


Chapter 5. Periodic Classification of


Chapter 6. Life Processes

Chapter 7. Control and Coordination

Chapter 8. How do Organisms Reproduce

Chapter 9. Heredity and Evolution

Chapter 10. Light Reflection and


Chapter 11. Human Eye and

Colourful World

Chapter 12. Electricity

Chapter 13. Magnetic Effects of

Electric Current

Chapter 14. Sources of Energy

Chapter 15. Our Environment

Chapter 16. Management of Natural Resources

We will update the notes for remaining chapters soon. Morever our video lectures are coming soon. These are best study notes for students. It covers entire chapter and all the important points. These notes will definitely help students to enhance their study and to get good marks in the exam.

For latest updates or news on ncert books you can visit their official website ncert.

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