Chemistry notes

Get all Chemistry notes for class 10 cbse and also download them as pdf form .  Here you will find chapter wise notes . These notes are strongly based on Ncert book.  Notes are available for all the Chemistry chapters.  There are total 5 chapters in Chemistry Class 10 cbse . You can get all notes here. You will get best notes for following Chemistry chapters for cbse class 10.

  1. Chemical reactions and equations chemistry  class 10  notes
  2. Acids; bases and salts chemistry  class 10 notes
  3. Metals and non metals chemistry  class 10 notes
  4. Carbon and its compounds chemistry class 10 notes
  5. Periodic classification of elements chemistry  class 10  notes

Notes are also  available as  chemistry notes class 10 cbse sa1 . And  chemistry notes class 10 cbse sa2 for both the terms.

Ncert Notes For chemistry class 10 cbse

This notes for Chemistry are based on Ncert book so students don’t need to worry.

Chemistry notes class 10 PDF Downloads

Students can also download chapterwise notes for class 10 cbse in pdf Format  .

metals and nonmetals class 10 notes

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acids bases and salts class 10

Acids Bases and Salts class 10 Notes

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Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chemical Reactions and Equations class 10 notes

Chemical Reactions and Equations class 10 notes. These are best study notes for class 10 students. For more class 10 science notes visit class...

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