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Biology notes

Get all chapterwise notes for biology class 10 . Students can read these notes online or download it as PDF.  Here you will find notes for all the biology chapters . These  biology notes are strongly based on Ncert book. Students will also get  for biology class 10 sa1 notes and biology class 10 Sa2 notes.

Their are total 7 chapters in cbse class 10 biology . The exam will be taken in the form of sa1 and sa2.

Biology notes class 10 PDF

Students can easily download pdf version of notes for all the biology chapters.

You will get best quality notes for the following chapters.:-

  1. Life processes notes
  2. Control and coordination notes
  3. How do organisms reproduce? Notes
  4. Heredity and evolution notes
  5. Sources of energy Notes
  6. Our environment notes
  7. Management of natural resources notes

These notes are  specially created to help students of cbse class 10. These notes are made from Ncert book recommended by cbse . So students don’t need to worry.

Biology notes

Control and Coordination Notes Cbse Class 10 Ncert chapter 7 biology

Control and coordination are the functions of the nervous system and hormones in our bodies. 1. ANIMALS – NERVOUS SYSTEM The responses of the nervous...
Life processes notes chapter 6

Life Processes Notes Ncert chapter 6 Biology class 10

1.  LIFE PROCESSES Life processes:- The processes which together perform The maintenance functions of living organisms   are life processes. Movement is one of the important criteria...
Our Environment Class 10 Biology Ncert book Notes

Our Environment Class 10 Notes Biology Chapter 15

Our Environment Defination: Everything that surrounds are called environment. Biodegradable: Substances that are broken down by biological processes are said to be biodegradable. Unbiodegradable: Substances that varnit be...
Management of natural resource Ncert Notes class 10

Management of natural resource Cbse Class 10 Notes BIOLOGY Chapter 16

Management of Natural Resources The three R’s to save the environment: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. What do they refer to? Reduce: This means that you use...

Chapter 4 Globalisation AND THE INDIAN ECONOMY Class 10 Economics notes

PRODUCTION ACROSS COUNTRIES Multinational corporations (MNCs):- MNC is a company that owns or controls production in more than one nation. MNCs set up offices and factories...

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Civics Chapter 6 Political Parties notes

Political Party:  A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government. A political party...