Exam fear solving way

Exams are always a big deal for any student. Be it a small test or some competitive exam. The stress level for every exam various and can be intense and it drives students to take extreme steps. Especially, without proper guidance, they are more afraid.

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Here are some basic tips to avoid a lot of stress during your exams:-

1. Never skip your meals

Skipping your meals can add up to your exam anxiety to a considerable level as your body will feel as dreaded as your mind. So keep eating, even in small quantities, but eat regularly.

2. Drink plenty of water

Keep your body hydrated. Always keep a bottle full of water with you. A hydrated body indicates a hydrated mind. Hydration is necessary for your brain to function at it’s best.

3. Meditate

Long, tedious hours of study makes a person dull and un energetic. Meditate for five to ten minutes daily to keep your calm. This will help you to overcome your sense of fear.

4. Chart out the time left and the syllabus left to complete

Plan your schedule according to the number of days you have in hand. Have a sense of achievement when you’re able to follow your schedule

5. Be slow rather than irregular

Do not skip studying even for a day. This will pull you out of the habit of studying regularly and will develop a sense of loss in your mind which is highly unwanted at this stage.

5. Talk to your a seniors

If you have any kind of problem or mental dejection, talk to your seniors and chalk out the solution

6. Set daily targets

Set small targets for each day. It can be completing a lesson or two, solving some algebra, etc.

Pat your back when you complete the target. Say, ” yes I can do it!”

7. Never compare yourself to other students

Every student is different and each of them are differently adaptive. People might compare you with your elder siblings or with your friends but remind yourself that you are different, but not a poor student.

8. Talk it out

There can be a lot of problems which a student might be facing before his exams. You must always talk it out with your peers and relieve your burden.


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