BOARD EXAMS!! Big words aren’t they? Every student faces the struggle of completing a never ending syllabus before their board exams.
Here are some tips on how you can lessen the burden.

1. Know your syllabus well10th cbse study tips

Have a good knowledge of the syllabus you have and the amount of time you have to complete it.

2. Plan your study schedule10th cbse study tips

Plan your study schedule according to the time you have. Provide ample time for each topic but not excess.

3. Focus on grasping rather than memorizing

study tips for class 10 cbse students

Understanding the concepts is always better than mugging it up. It helps you with a better presentation of the answer.

4. Work more on your stronger sections

15 best study tips

Ensure that your strong sections are so strong that they do not stand responsible for curtail of marks. But do not ignore the weaker ones.

5. Take the advice of your seniors

cbse study tips

Your seniors have a fresh experience of what you are about to go through.
They can prove to be the best guides in matters of study as well as keeping up your motivation.

6. Group study can be effective

cbse study tips

Group study lets you cover each and every topic. You might miss out something if you study alone. It also provides for immediate doubt clearance.

7. Highlight important points

10th cbse study tips

Keep the important points highlighted with the use of a highlighter. This helps during quick revisions.

8. Do not like up doubts

10th cbse study tips

Underline your doubts and get them cleared as soon as possible. Piling up doubts weakens your preparation.

9. Avoid any kind of addiction and keep yourself hydrated

10th cbse study tips

Addiction includes the use of mobile phones and television. Such activities lessen a person’s concentration by a considerable amount.

10. Keep your body hydrated

10th cbse study tips

You need to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. It helps your mind to work at it’s best. Keep a water bottle with you and carry it wherever you go.

11. Avoid junk food

10th cbse study tips

Keep your body energised by eating healthy and nutritious food. Eat at regular intervals but don’t over eat as it will lead to lethargy.

12. Self evaluation

 cbse toppers study tips

Evaluate yourself at every stage through tests and sample papers. Go through your mistakes and rectify them.

13. Revise well

study tips for class 9 cbse

Revision is an unavoidable part of the preparations. Avoid studying anything new right before your examinations. Revise everything you have already studied.

14. Solve previous year question papers

study tips for class 9 cbse

You must Solve the question paper of previous year board examinations after you have completed your syllabus. Solve it within a given time to improve your speed and accuracy.

15. Leisure is important10th cbse study tips

Your schedule needs to be such that it provides for leisure. Constant brain storming might result in frustration and aggression which can have an adverse effect on your progress. Have at least an hour of free time in the evening and half an hour in the morning.
But, avoid the use of gadgets. Prefer going for a walk.



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